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NfS U Questions

Postby Dekar » 28 Jul 2007, 08:40

Hello. Since the guides/boards at GameFAQs weren't much help, I've decided to bring my troubles here. Any help is appreciated!

- To get Magazine Cover #22 (where you have to beat a preset score on a Drift course), do you have to beat the score in one lap?

- Do you get all Decals at the end of Underground mode, or do you have to manually unlock them by choosing different brand packages?

- If you have to manually unlock the Decals, can you just swap Brand Packages and get them or do the Brand Packages have to be on for a race at least?

- Is there a Kumho decal?

- How do you get Magazine Cover #19? In some FAQs (on GameFAQs), it says to install all 4 Unique Visual Upgrades and 9 Level 3 Visual Upgrades, but once you install the 4 Uniques, I don't think that there ARE 9 Level 3 Visual Upgrades remaining. The 4 Uniques are Spoiler, Rims, Hood, and Wide Body Kit (which amounts to Front/Rear Bumpers, AND the Side Skirts). So all that's left, really, is the Roof Scoop, Neon, Headlights, Taillights, Muffler Tips, and Window Tint (IIRC). Where do you get the other 3 Visual Upgrades?

- When I tried to get Magazine Covers #17 and #18 (which are install all level 2/3 Visual Upgrades, respectively), it didn't work for some odd reason. How many "Visual Upgrades" are there which must be installed in order to get the Magazines? Do Paints/Decals/Vinyls count?
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