NFS:U Map Techniques PC user pls help

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NFS:U Map Techniques PC user pls help

Postby aggressivej0 » 27 Sep 2004, 08:35

Hi! good day to quite good on NFS:U and play online but still i know there is better than me..pls give me more tips on this maps and wat TJupgrades is the best for using me with the turns and proper shiftings on gear Esp on NR and Market street Reverse,i use the RX-7's
Atlantica-i use Engine ECU NOS i can do 38's stab Off
Stadium-i use Engine ECU Turbo ican only do 49's stab On
NationalRail-i use Engine ECU Turbo i can do 39's stab Off
Terminal-i use Engine ECU weight i can only do 45's stab off
market street reverse-i use Engine Turbo Weight i only do 1:01's stab Off
port royal-i use eng turbo weight only o 40's stab off
olympic square-i use Eng turbo weight only do 39's stab on
HELp me with the reverse
i want to enter on top performers online :lol:
wats the best Sprint car setup on Lockup,Spillway,bernard Bridge?
and Drag setup? i use S2000 ,but i want to set-up RX-7 wats the best upgrades esp on Highway1
pls HELP! i gladly do something in return...i can send all my cars in ur e-MAIL or we can trade :roll: hi ti LOLO13,matrix3000gt and SR's esp SRstealth and SRsouthsider,Mpaws,and to all racers of the NFS:U lets race online!
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