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NFSHP2 Questions: Please reply

Postby blue7 » 23 Jun 2006, 14:28

I'm really sorry if this has been asked a thousand times, but I'm still new to NFSHP2 (don't ask why) and I do not know how to access the cheats given:

Start the game with the <drive and folder path>\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2\NfsHS.exe <command line parameter> to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Command line parameter
Car is invisible to others +ghost
Enter locked events in event trees +opentree
Disable confirmations +nofrustration
Disable movie demos +nomovie
Disable music +nomusic
Disable sound effects +nosnd
Disable reverberation +noreverb
Disable on screen displays +nofrontend
Disable mipmapping. +nomipmap
Disable particle animations. +noparticles
Enable main menu +minfront
Cops only use helicopters +helicoptersOnly
Enable screen shots +screenshots

I really don't know what that command line parameter is so please someone clearly inform me on how to do that. :) And by the way, I downloaded a saved game and ran it. The thing is i don't see the car i'm using. I only see the speedometer. Is there a way to switch it back? Thanks!!!
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