Problem With NFS3

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Problem With NFS3

Postby christy » 29 Jun 2006, 18:55

whenever i try to instal nfs3 on pc (with windows xp) it come up with an error message saying "You must run Setup from the CD-ROM!" can anyone help me with this, thanks :)
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Postby Jamaleni » 30 Jun 2006, 08:32

As it says, you must run setup from CD ;o)

BTW:It works great on WinXP SP2, and that's my favourite NFS up to date.
Turbo Charged
Turbo Charged
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Postby ViRus$s » 28 Jul 2006, 21:54

I had that error only once and i copied the game on the hdd and ran the install from there and no error ..maybe u have a well....hacked 1 ?
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