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Need for speed Porsche 2000 Peer to Peer Help

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2008, 13:25
by brnomen
Hi all...
i'm new here :)
and i need help with the multiplayer option in Nfs Porsche 2000.
I'm directly connected to the internet (without a modem) , and so does a friend of mine.
We are trying to play to each other trough the multiplayer option, usin "peer to peer" but,
we can't get connected , it always says "connection lost"..
so i wanna know if someone could know what i'm doing wrong...

If you can create a peer to peer connection and you know that it works, can you invite me or something.. to see if I can
connect? .. because maybe the game is the problem and not the connection...

Well, that's all...
hope you help me :)

Thanks in advance.