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High Stakes in XP with a GF4 TI

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2003, 08:36
by water_man3
Hello all

I recently reacquired a copy of High Stakes and wanted to play it again. After completing Hot Pursuit 2 I wanted a challenge since I never completed High Stakes.

I am running XP Pro with SP1 and a GeForce 4 TI 4400. The game will run only in software rendering. I know that my video card is fully capable of running the game in D3D. I have downloaded and tried out several glide wrappers to no success. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


PostPosted: 22 Jan 2003, 18:51
by 666
I thought it was Direct3D ?

Does 3Dmark2001 run on your PC ?

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2003, 22:47
by water_man3
Yes, all other D3D apps run great on my comp. 3DMark 2001SE runs well, as well as other d3d games. Even Unreal Tournament runs - being that is the only other game of the era that I have.

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2003, 00:08
by Koffy
Maybe your Video Card driver is not compatible with XP, DirectX or something else try getting a version which is compatible from the manufacturer.

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2003, 18:44
by ACE
I also have noted the same problem with Just NFS4. I am thinking now that there is no way to get the game to properly run with a GeForce Card. I have updated all my drivers to no avail. It plays Way better on my ATI Rage Fury II card.

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2003, 00:33
by Guest
Geforce is not the problem. I have a GF II 400 and I can run all NFS properly.

Maybe the manufacturer is the problem. (I own an Nvidia)

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2003, 17:30
by Rogue
Go to and download off the net the lastest drivers for your GeForce 4 TI 4400. I also own a Nvidia card and have no problem running any version of the nfs series.

PostPosted: 26 May 2005, 08:44
by ^Speed 12^

PostPosted: 26 May 2005, 08:46
by Andre_online
Why in the world ypu brought up this topic? It's more than 2 years already... :roll:

PostPosted: 26 May 2005, 09:06
by Dragster
People make mistakes. Next time, look at the posting date Speed12 :wink:
I had same problems...

PostPosted: 26 May 2005, 20:30
by ^Speed 12^
I know. I just did it to bring it to life.

PostPosted: 26 May 2005, 23:04
by mohsan1988
Hmmm, that was nice of you but may I ask why???

I doubt many people play High Stakes in XP with a GF4 TI anymore.

PostPosted: 26 May 2005, 23:06
by Dragster
Anyway, he probably solved the problem after 2 years :|

PostPosted: 27 May 2005, 08:04
by ^Speed 12^
Did i? I think i did!!

PostPosted: 27 May 2005, 12:36
by mohsan1988
:D hah, in that case, ^Speed 12^, you are the most persistent person I've seen.... and.... :D

Re: High Stakes in XP with a GF4 TI

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2015, 04:24
by putorjuy
For the NVIDIA Geforce 4 T1 4400 XP drivers, I think you can try to use the DriverDR to help you. It will save you more time.