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Unable to run Porsche Unleashed with Enhanced Patch

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2004, 11:11
by Game-R
After installing "Porsche Unleashed 1st Enhanced Version 3.5.2004031" whenever I try to start a race, the program would crash and display the following :

FILE_size - unable to open file .\gamedata\simulation\cardata\935race.sim

I've already tried reinstalling Porsche Unleashed and the patch but with no results. The only solution was to play without the Enhanced Patch :(

Computer Stats:
Pentium 3 550MHz
GeForce Pro
SB Live!
Windows 98SE

Can anyone help me here please?

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2004, 04:09
by Koffy
Why don't you ask directly the Patch's creator (hwoever that is)? He will probably ave an idea of what it might be.
For what I can find out it is a problem with a file.

Re: Unable to run Porsche Unleashed with Enhanced Patch

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2012, 21:26
by throwaway0913248
Sorry for posting to this dead thread, but it's the first hit in google when searching for the error message - hopefully someone will find this helpful.

On my machine, this error was fixed by copying the complete GameData folder on the Porsche CD to the installation directory. Part of the GameData folder should already be there and can safely be merged / overwritten. Interestingly, on my machine, the files GameData\CarModel\cop993.crp and GameData\Music\zzzymus.viv couldn't be copied - no crashes because of those files so far.

I'm working on a Windows 7 64-Bit machine with NFS Porsche (Original) patched to version 3.5.20040310 and without compatibility mode.