NFSPU how to work correctly on Nvidia cards

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NFSPU how to work correctly on Nvidia cards

Postby Metallic Blade » 18 Jul 2005, 20:32

I have an TNT 2 64, and when I play NFSPU, all of the words are scrambled and unreadable. Does anyone else have a simaler problem? :arrow:
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Postby korge » 18 Jul 2005, 20:34

Same here and I have a Geforce 6600.. All I can say is live with it.. No patches that I know of can fix it..
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Postby jeffr » 20 Jul 2005, 07:26

With older nvidia cards, you could turn up ansiotropy (filter) to fix it. With the newer ones, nothing seems to work. Plus with all the bizarre resolutions that some Nvidia cards have, you can get to the higher res x32 bit modes.

Both ATI and Nvidia have issues with certain games, but Nvidia has more with the games I like so I stick with ATI cards now.

If you can select the resolution you want, then just ignore the blurry graphics, the rest of the graphics will be OK.
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Postby SuperRacer » 20 Jul 2005, 17:01

Stop making all these posts about the same thing...
Did you try everything mentioned here?
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