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PostPosted: 23 Feb 2005, 01:53
by V12 Vanquish
Hey thanks Viper/ Stereo,

Have not had much time to do much to it but i have started the back of it looks abit strange at the moment but it will get there aventually 8) :lol: ,

anyway heres the pic of it ,


PostPosted: 23 Feb 2005, 02:13
by Sir Ibi

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2005, 21:50
by V12 Vanquish
hehe thanks u like it then :D , i am guessing from that reaction lol,,


PostPosted: 23 Feb 2005, 22:47
by Sir Ibi
Do i like it? Of course man, can't wait to see the finished result. I'm having a go at some 3d modelling myself, but i'm starting on low poly stuff for games, and designing an unreal level for my coursework. BTW what program do use, i use 3ds max at the moment.

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2005, 23:38
by ViperJay
eh eh...this is gonna rock :wink:

PostPosted: 24 Feb 2005, 01:30
by V12 Vanquish
Thanks, cool that u both like it alot , hopeit does rock when its finished :D 8) ,

Sir Ibi, pretty cool u just gettin into 3D modelling, my models are for games aswell this is, i use a program called Cinema 4D i find it fairly simple to use but thats prob cos i am used to it hehe :D ,


PostPosted: 25 Feb 2005, 13:44
by Mustang90
You people aren't too bright, since the topic says what it is...... lol

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2005, 14:11
by GT3x24x7
Uh yeh. The topic was changed once Stereo worked out what the car was. Now who's not thinking clearly?

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2005, 16:50
by V12 Vanquish
lol hehe, made sense to change it hehe so poeple did not keep on guessing, y would i get them 2 guess if i told em, :? :D ,

no updates sorry,


PostPosted: 25 Feb 2005, 17:08
by Stereo
Thats some really good work, V12! Can't wait to see it in teh game! :shock: :D

PostPosted: 05 Mar 2005, 07:31
by vigilante_R
NICE , Nice work V12, I also got Cin4D, and I look at it shake my head and open Zmodeler lol. Btw v12 ive been waiting months 4 u to appear on MSN.

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2005, 01:42
by V12 Vanquish
hehe thanks skyline speed, i did the same with c4d to start with but i decided that i wanted to use it cos it looked alot better trhan zmod,

wohay aventually managed to do some work to it not alot though, but tell me what ya tink of it, it needs a load of smoothin thats the only prob with it :D


PostPosted: 10 Mar 2005, 01:46
by Stereo
:shock: :shock: :shock: How many polys is that?!? :shock: :shock: :shock:

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2005, 01:50
by V12 Vanquish
erm 1454 polies,

so its not to bad atm ,


PostPosted: 10 Mar 2005, 02:05
by Stereo
... Thats way too little polys for a smooth car like that!

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2005, 02:06
by Sir Ibi
One of the first things i modelled was a kinda futurisitc helicopter, that came to over 20,000 polys, hehehe...... i think that is a little too much.

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2005, 20:17
by V12 Vanquish
ah yeh looking at my other models it is kinda low poly gonna add more to it now this will prob make it smoother :D :lol: ,


PostPosted: 12 Mar 2005, 17:43
by ViperJay
it's a awsome shape with so a few polys...i thought there were a lot more...this is why you're a master 8)
also the rear part is looking very good :wink:

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2005, 00:22
by V12 Vanquish
whoooops big mistake, hehe i am stupid :oops:
i forgot to double it cos that is only half of the car cos i done it in C4D and made a symetry, so tha actual poly count is 2278 8) ,

Thanks ViperJay

no more updates as yet sorry,


PostPosted: 18 Mar 2005, 02:38
by V12 Vanquish
hey all, got an update me tinks the boody is pretty much finished, i fixed alot of the probs with the back, which u cant c in the pic i posted earlier easily anyway. cos it was quite bad had to re-model most of it :(

Also done all the glass on the car, just about to start the rims, 8) :D ,
argh still have interior to do i hate interiors so fidily lol oh well


PostPosted: 20 Mar 2005, 13:58
by ViperJay
that's sweet...
btw, I hate interiors's too boring to model them, so I prefer dark black glass :wink:

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2005, 14:42
by jemc
damn sweet rendering. i wish i could have skills like that

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2005, 15:02
by T-ReeX
V12 Vanquish : when you are done with the car are you going to put the car in nfsu2 or what ? :shock:

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2005, 15:12
by Sir Ibi
OK, i know your car is coming along very nicely, and i'm sure it will look dam impressive, but can i make one small suggesstion. That plane, the car is one seems to be reflecting the sky, but the environamnet, is all black :lol:

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2005, 16:36
by KingJuve
could you make like a patrol enzo next or something thatll look cool like have it all suped up