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Carbon Drifting Challengue (can be demo)

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 03:11
by xturbo
Well, post your best drifting scores of Carbon here!!!

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 03:59
by Driv2Slow
he went real far into drifting :lol: after i get demo downloaded i will post a score, if i can figure it out

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 04:06
by Madvil
I only went so deep within 130.000 points in drift...
But then again, its 5 am here and I need some sleep, thats why I thought all the walls were chasing me T_T
Oh yeah, I used the Evo 8)

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 07:56
by bam_bam
The Evo is where its at mate ! , I <3 the Evo . So far my best score is around 260 k .

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 08:39
by darknight788
you guys used the tuner for drifting ? well i tried the muscle ans i got 131,000 and that was after a couple of tries. im not a great drifter.... btw my best drift was in the area of 86,000 i dont know if that is good or bad

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 15:18
by BrontoX
When i finish downloading it i will post my score but that will be in 6 to 8 hours (i have a slow internet connection)

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 15:29
by Madvil
My drift score still sucks :( 130k or so. I have to practice :(

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 16:26
by Devildoll
some dudes at the ea forums has done 1,6 million point drifts.

myself ive done about 640k totalt and 294k in one single drift.
heres a vid of a 500k session

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 16:49
by bam_bam
Thanks , I learnt a lil bit from that vid .

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 17:02
by Devildoll
yeah same here, first i was doing like 200 k runs.
then i watched that dude that did 1.4 mill and learned some stuff.

66 k points in the first 2 curves, man i only get like 30k max :s

The dudes alias is raregg btw

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 17:44
by Dragster
Best so far, downloading that 1.4 mill clip right now


PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 22:21
299,642 is my best score so far...... :evil:
I hit the wall twice tho.....
Biggest drift.....almost hit 140K :twisted:

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 22:30
by BrontoX
I got 300K but i hit the wall 3 times and i suck at drifting

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 22:38
BrontoX wrote:I got 300K

so where's the proof??

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 22:40
by BrontoX
Game crashed when i took the pic and it wasn't saved

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 22:48
by Devildoll
After looking at that 1.4 mill video some a couple of times.
it looks like he has like x2 point rate or something.
those points ad up darn fast some times.

or like bonus zone across the whole map.

anyone else notice this?

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 22:50
by BrontoX
Cheats? I think so

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 23:16
BrontoX wrote:Cheats? I think so

lol someone made trainers for demo??? :?

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 23:16
by BrontoX
Does Motion Blur exist in Carbon cuz i didn't see it.
Also the cars don't go as fast as in MW as you can see in the menu the cars are almost at max and it's barely doing 150MPH

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 23:18
BrontoX wrote:in the menu the cars are almost at max and it's barely doing 150MPH

I agree......the cars are kinda slow even they are tuned......:(

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 23:20
by BrontoX
It's like in U2 again where you can bearly touch 300 km/h without NOS

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006, 23:32
by Devildoll
lol i can go over 300 easy without nos. in U2, U2 rox :P btw, have you seen my rx-7 :P.

motion blurr is there in the options, if EA thinks your grapics card can hadle it.
try installing the newest drivers, motion blurr might popp up there at the options.

and if you've read some interview's they say that they dont want to make it like MW where a friggin clio can outrun a lambo.

so some cars just wont cut it in the end, even with Ãœber-performance parts.

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2006, 10:15
by Dragster
EVO_VIII wrote:
BrontoX wrote:in the menu the cars are almost at max and it's barely doing 150MPH

I agree......the cars are kinda slow even they are tuned......:(

I wouldn't take those performance bars serving as a rule to go by, knowing EA, it's not how it should be

new score

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2006, 11:45
Haven't really played that much drift... but heres my best so far only 395,888. nowhere close to dragster but i'm getting there. :P


PostPosted: 29 Oct 2006, 12:13
by BrontoX
Well i stink at drifting so here is one of my best with the Camaro SS