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Re: Speculation: NFSU3 in 2014

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2013, 11:52
by Liamclark
What I think they should do is re create the whole underground theme like, how much detail you can customise the car (could update this by maybe being able to customise the whole inside of the car or something) also the free roam world and all the photo shoots an what not. But what they should do is put modern day cars in it like Lamborghini's, ferrari's and obviously just modern cars but what they could also do is change where the game is set, and obviously just update the graphics. And if you ask me that sounds quite simple that. In fact I think it's that simple that EA might not screw it up

Re: Speculation: NFSU3 in 2014

PostPosted: 30 Aug 2013, 10:26
by ThunderScrambler
This article is a very important article: ... ghost.html
15M copies... Now the tuners know what to do.
And i am not really happy about this.

If they succeed, what are they supposed to do?
The trend is over and they already said that there are going to be no neons and stuff!
And here is what Nilsson also said:
But bottom line, I think it's a core pillar of Need For Speed to have [customisation] and we're going to go there.

Nooooo, he has been infected by the import tuners!
In my opinion they have made a wrong decision. :roll:

Re: Speculation: NFSU3 in 2014

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2013, 21:19
by Zotic+
Im going to repost this so everyone can read it

MaxT wrote:
Zotic+ wrote:I would enjoy an UG3, but they would really have to indulge in what street racing is. They would have to learn the different car communities also including your muscle guys, import drag guys, drifters and those who drive on the mountain pass (me :mrgreen: ). Hell, they should ditch autolog and create its own automotive forums within the game.

Maybe with a UG3 we'll finally get a Supra :lol:

street racing: a bunch of idiots with cars, driving over the speed limit, ignoring every traffic law possible, more often than not crashing into something.

underground: fictionalization of street racing and misinterpretation of car culture, where apparently putting speakers in the trunk of your car, fake spinny things on your car's rims and neons under your car's chassis is considered "cool" and where driving said car like mentioned above won't attract any police attention nor get you or your car seriously injured or killed. add some soap opera style drama to it and you get NFS Underground. 1 or 2, take your pick.

Well actually it was very well interpreted of the era, back when underground came out that was a fad with the import tuner scene. Its similar to the hellaflush scene as of now. Then you have your performance enthusiast which focus on making there car higher performance and take part in street racing. Ive done it on my local mountain pass, although we were very organized and had spotters. Hell even Mike Kojima(Engineer, with Dai Yoshihara 11' FD champ) admitted to street racing his ae86 to pay for some of his career's expenses as a beginning engineer with TRD.

Ever heard of Inital D, that still goes on in the japanese touges. Theyre are still people racing on the wangan and you also have the kanjo racers of japan

Im not going to lie though theyre are still idiots in street racing, just look at my local scene lol these guys are dumbasses. But when making a video game why would you focus on this and instead base the game off of the other various types of street races above.

Re: Speculation: NFSU3 in 2014

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2013, 11:44
by MrStalker
Hydro_PT wrote:@phantom: that post wasn't for you, it was for MrStalker. :)

@MrStalker: :lol:

I recently read a bit more on the fate of Black Box and NFS World. Yeah well, turns out Black Box is shut down, as in COMPLETELY GONE. They changed name to Quicklime Games last year, and was subsequently shut down last April. So I guess that's why it flew under the radar for most people not so involved in the NFS World community.

The full timeline:

In 2008, Black Box was reconsolidated and moved to EA Canada's locales in Burnaby, British Columbia.

In early 2012 after the fiasco of The Run Black Box was restructured again towards online free-to-play games and continued as the development team of NFS World.

In mid 2012 Black Box was relabeled Quicklime Games and continued as developer for NFS World.

In April 2013, Quicklime Games was shut down (as in everybody fired).

Currently NFS World has no developer, but EAsy Studios (based in Stockholm) is in the process of taking over. ... black-box/ ... osure.aspx

Re: Speculation: NFSU3 in 2014

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2013, 18:50
by wicken

Re: Speculation: NFSU3 in 2014

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2013, 15:21
by MrStalker

I call FAKE until I see something that asserts the credibility of this "GhostRivals" person.

Re: Speculation: NFSU3 in 2014

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2013, 02:19
by Mhaecoros3
OMG! I can't wait to play it.. Also excited to watch the movie... ROcks!!