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Story will be "Crucial" in Next NFS

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2014, 02:45
by Dr Houbenheimer ... l-writers/

The next installment of the Need for Speed franchise is currently in development at Ghost Games, slated for 2015, and today a new career opportunity ad seeking a Narrative Director gave us a tidbit of information on what we can expect.

Ghost is now looking for a Narrative Director to join the team. As a Narrative Director you will be reporting to the Senior Producer and be responsible for how story is told in the game, how it enhances and supports the gameplay and creates emotional connections in the game. This is crucial in creating a compelling game experience.

Nothing wrong with a good narrative, I have faith in the current developing group putting together a good raw game-play experience in a fundamental sense, but they need to add some flavour and a good story does just that.

It's clearly tough to put together a story in a racing game though, so if it's anything like The Run then I don't think they're in for a winner.

Good to see them trying though, but they need to make the gameplay environment and feel more unique imo. For instance, That's part of the appeal of the Underground games of old, the whole tuner culture scene added some flavour and felt a little bit more grounded in reality. Even MW and Carbon had their distint look and feel.

Re: Story will be "Crucial" in Next NFS

PostPosted: 07 Jul 2014, 03:17
by Phantom_pain33
It seems like the underground fans , are getting their game..however i think im done with need for speed..too many options now, the crew, Driveclub ,road redemption (road rash indie successor )..i think its time for me to move on from this series, its publishers and developers practically killed it..they knew they couldn't compete with about 5 racing/driving games releasing this fall. One thing i used to like about need for speed besides its core-classic elements was its livery creator on the underground phase.

I hope EA learns from this new racers coming out ,specially The Crew.

Psst..its my opinion and I'm not saying "everybody" should move on..but i after the seeing the current gaming industry and how shiznit they are handling game development..i decided to crossed out publishers/developers in my book and EA was one of them.

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