My account was hacked

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My account was hacked

Postby MISTERVANCLIF » 25 Jun 2013, 12:29

Hello every one, my account was hacked by a hacker, so if if you saw that I was cheating, it'isn't me, but the cheater!
I saw the time at "Campus Interchange" in NFS Stat, he beat the first time (he did 03:44.951) and the best was 03:45.777 , he did this time with a hack, so please, don't ban me, but the hacker! [-o<

I have never hack and I hate that! [-X

Now, I was able to recover my account..

PS: Sorry for my english.. :P

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My account was hacked

Postby VseZnaykaS » 28 Aug 2013, 20:30

Hi Today try enter to de server SuperHero Mod and one player was playing with mi name: SpeeDiK
I cant enter to play with my name, please help me.

Sorry but i dont speak rus. Thank you
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