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SHIFT Autopolis Track Guide

Postby Bojan » 09 Oct 2009, 22:08

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Postby ClintonDon » 10 Jun 2017, 11:38

п»їFill Your Cup with Value Using These 6 Marketing Campaign Types

Question: What is a campaign?
Answer: A series of communications and actions with a specific purpose and a desired outcome.
The reason it’s important to think in terms of campaigns is because the relationship you have with your prospects is a delicate one. Especially early on in the relationship.
If we just start sending random messages to our newly added prospects, they are either going to unsubscribe or just stop responding to our emails.
Getting a prospect on our list is important, but keeping them on the list and engaged is a whole different ballgame.
I think about it like this …
My relationship with my customers and prospects is like a glass of water.
It starts out empty and then every time I add some value to the relationship, it fills up a little. I can fill it up with a ton of different actions including; a great service provided, a compelling blog post, a thank you card, a free downloadable thing, a coupon, etc. These are all relationship building activities that fill up our cup.
Anytime I ask something of the relationship – download this, signup for this, buy this – I’m in essence emptying that cup and our relationship goes back to even. Now, before I can ask anything else from my prospects or clients, I need to get busy filling that cup back up.
This is why it’s important to think of campaigns. We don’t want to have our backs against the wall and just start shooting emails at random because we need to fill up some time-slots. This is what we call “SPRAY AND PREY” marketing and it does not work.
Instead of this reactionary marketing, we want to be thoughtful and purposeful in our communications. This is where campaigns come in. By thinking about the communication and where we are at in the relationship building process, we can actually plan out our marketing in advance and the results will be better.
There are 6 different types of marketing campaigns.
Campaign #1: Introduction
This is one of the first things a user will see when they opt-in for one of our lead magnets. The purpose of this campaign is to set the tone of the relationship with the prospect.
Campaign #2: Engagement
You’ve heard everybody talking about engagement but how do you get it? This campaign’s goal is to get your new prospect engaged with your business and to take the relationship deeper.
Campaign #3: Ascension
This campaign is used to sell prospects or customers large ticket items with your company. For example: if you just groomed a new prospects dog, you may have an ascension campaign that tries to sell the person on a large ticket grooming package.
Campaign #4: Re-Engagement
As much as I’d like to think I’m perfect at nurturing my prospects and customers – I’m not. So over a period of time a certain portion of my list became disengaged. They haven’t unsubscribed, but they just aren’t clicking like they used to. A re-engagement campaign is used to get them interested in our stuff again.
Campaign #5: Segmentation Campaign
We know that good marketing is all about putting the right message in front of the right customer at the right time. So, the more we know about our list, the better we can serve them. Segmentation campaigns are used to get information from our list so that we can break it down further into more specific segments. Some great examples of this type of campaign are surveys or segment specific content.
Campaign #6: Nurture
When we run specific types of campaigns, they run for a relatively short period of time and then we fall back into more passive mode of staying in front of our audience. This method of staying in front of our peeps is called nurturing and we do this with a nurture campaign. During a nurture campaign you are basically just staying in front of your audience providing value while waiting for your next active campaign to start.
Use these campaigns to add value to your relationship with your potential customers. Keep filling that cup with water! ... ickets.php
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Postby ClintonDon » 10 Jun 2017, 11:40

п»їBoost Your Offline Business With These Online Tools

Half of all startups in the world bite the dust in the first five years, and never arrive in a safe business haven. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though: a growing number of innovative software solutions tailored for those trying to boost their business productivity. Whether it’s the monitoring of expenses or delivery of products that you seek to improve, online applications are a must-have tool for any modern businessman.
A numbers game
Research shows that a majority of mobile device users has utilized their gadgets to make an online purchase. This fact should be a signal for businesses both big and small to make an effort to stay ahead of the dashing tech game. When choosing the right software option, one should take into account the price, mobile access, ease of use, customization options and automation capabilities.
In a business world, numbers cut both ways. But, most often, a ballpark number doesn’t suffice, as you need the exact facts and figures, even more so if you are dealing with a lot of financial reports and data. So, why don’t you let the app do the math and organizing, while you focus on important decisions and upcoming meetings?
Keeping track of finances is a job requiring a great deal of time and energy, indeed, but applications like Concur make this process effortless. They integrate multiple accounts and equip you with expense-reporting tools that will make sure you don’t overlook a single detail. These financial management apps are a joy to use and even those who are not adept at modern technologies shouldn’t worry.
A ticket to success
Another area where your business could use a bit of tech overhaul is customer relations. Small businesses are looking for low cost solutions, but sometimes you can take your operations to the next level without paying a cent. Zoho CRM is a powerful tool that is free up to 10 users and loaded with some premium features.
With its mobile application you will be able to access your data from virtually anywhere and adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the mobile-centric age. Retailers should also check the Vend Register POS application which turns their mobile devices into point of sale systems and allows them to integrate them with barcode scanners and receipt printers.
On top of that, apps like Vend Register allow you to conduct inventory management, engage in sales analysis and gain insights on how to improve them. Ultimately, you will make your customer’s life easier and increase their satisfaction by reaching out to them online.
Many other operations like selling and delivering tickets can be still done the old-fashioned way. But, managing a big eager crowd at the door minutes before the big event can turn into an ordeal of commotion and frustration. With Tickera, an excellent WP event ticketing platform, you can still use the barcode to check in tickets. But doing this via mobile application expands your abilities to deliver services in a timely and efficient fashion.
Get down to business
Online tools enable you to boost the productivity and they make turbulent daily tasks much less painful, allowing your projects to be in full swing. Pens and papers are becoming obsolete in a world of smartphones and killer software solutions, but one does have to cut through all the noise of online tools to find the right one. And those who fail to utilize the great potential of latest application will quickly lose ground in a business environment where many like to play hardball.
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