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Postby Bojan » 21 Nov 2009, 20:16

We have a new feature for all of you who own Need for Speed SHIFT and would like to track your best lap times: The Leaderboards.

Whenever you race ranked online and manage to hit a top 1000 lap time, it will get saved here in our leaderboards. And the coolest part is, we'll never delete any times! Once you have your time online, you can compare it to other users or all other SHIFT racers, including those from other platforms.

Then there's also the top users table. You get points for every top time - the amount of points is the number of times on a track minus your rank. Which means that if you're first on Laguna Seca, you'll get 5500 points as there's 5500 times on the leaderboards.

Now the first on the list currently is GT3x24x7. Do you have the skill to beat him?


To start posting times, visit the leaderboards and register your gamertag / PSN ID / PC username.
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