Leaderboards Now With Select Career Events

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Leaderboards Now With Select Career Events

Postby Bojan » 27 Dec 2009, 12:13

It's been a while since I last posted a Need for Speed SHIFT Leaderboards update, but we have big news for you today as we have added select Career events to the list of event we're tracking. The selection is the following:

Tier 1 Manufacturer 2000GT-R at Ebisu West
Tier 1 Race Coalition Alpental
Tier 1 Time Attack Autopolis Lakeside
Tier 2 Japan Series Tokyo Club
Tier 2 Mixed Event Glendale West
Tier 2 Mixed Event Laguna Seca
Tier 2 USA Series Dakota GP
Tier 3 Manufacturer 911 GT2 at London River
Tier 4 Manufacturer Restricted All BMW at Silverstone GP
Tier 4 Manufacturer Reventon at Ambush Canyon

For starters we tried as varied as possible selection of cars and tracks. It should be a challenge trying to get used to a different set of cars to what you're using online. We will be adding more events soon - all suggestions are welcome (simply post them in the comments here or on the leaderboards page).
Remember, this is all offline, but you will have to be logged in to EA Nation for the times to record.
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Re: Leaderboards Now With Select Career Events

Postby Hydro_PT » 27 Dec 2009, 18:22

Wow, nice addition Bojan! Now I can get some nice times while playing offline. It's hard to set records online, especially when you have lots of players in the same track, everyone crashing on everyone. -.-'
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Re: Leaderboards Now With Select Career Events

Postby chefe_nfs_cars » 25 Nov 2011, 23:57

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