Track rotation changes – Week 16, 2015

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Track rotation changes – Week 16, 2015

Postby DJBIDOUILE » 12 Apr 2015, 20:58


Tonight, when the Need for Speed World clock strikes midnight, you will find the World map looking a little different. The amount of events you can enter with your current car will be smaller than before, but that is not a bad thing, because in return you can choose between 2 class restricted tracks for your car every week. And that’s not all that changes. In this new Track Rotation Schedule the events will be more evenly spread around the map, so you should be able to race in your favorite area of the map every week. I have also tried to make sure that different track lengths are evenly distributed throughout the Track Rotation Schedule. These little changes should help everyone find the kind of tracks they like in each rotation.

…but that’s still not all that will be different. The full cycle of the rotation will be shorter than it was before. This is especially nice for those who like to do time attacks. The longest possible gap between track appearance will be just 4 weeks, when before it could in worst case scenario be even 9 weeks.

…and one more thing… While the amount of tracks on the map will be the same as it was before, the RACE NOW will have less tracks to choose from, due to class restrictions. This will hopefully make finding races a little bit faster.

Here is the new Track Rotation Schedule:
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