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NoiseBomb raceday online

Postby Bojan » 19 Jan 2008, 18:56

The first of the community race days featuring a race org is now online. NFS-Planet's Noisebomb Drift Opening Race Day started yesterday and will last untill 23rd January.
Visit the raceday site on EA, send it to yourself, download it in game and post the best scores on the Autobahn 5 drift event race day.

start racing now or visit the official Noise Bomb site.

This is the intro to the soon to come race org competition racedays. If you haven't joined a race org yet, I suggest you do it soon. Among others I suggest our very own react or the other orgs hosted on this site: Battle Machine, Rogue Speed or SuperPromotion.
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Re: NoiseBomb raceday online

Postby [Xx0887xX] » 20 Jan 2008, 03:24

Aye.. how do I "download" the race day into my game? I follow the "start racing now: link but no pics are shown, and I dont see anywhere to download or anything :?
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