First reviews of NFSU for all 4 systems.

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First reviews of NFSU for all 4 systems.

Postby SuperRacer » 15 Nov 2003, 18:46

IGN has posted reviews of all versions of the game. The PC version got the best rating, a 9.0!
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Postby made_man » 15 Nov 2003, 20:50

OK, i must admit, the game is great and I can't wait till i get my hands on it, but as I sad the game is GREAT, but not as great as it could be. I don't know why EA is letting their NFS series being developed by Black BOX, they are obviously not great at doing it, they kind of screwed up NFS-HP2, and the only reason why NFS-U is being a succes for them is, that it is based on FnF movies, and the amazing Graphics..... But they really lack on Ideas, must every track be based one Night lighted city, yeah there are many parts to put in, but they can't be modified like the gear ratios, no weather options, and especially what made the NFS series so popular and Greatest races around, were the police chasses ( but the police chasses in NFS-HP2 were one of the best ones, but the Helicopter droping explosive barrels was really kind of out of the line ) and that they haven't bothered to implement. The NFS-U is supposed to be pure performace car racing, but why did they limited it. And also, what's the big deal that BLACK BOX is not including any replays, and to bad there is no way that you can make your own costum paint jobs, and they honestly shouldn't say" Everybody is going to have their own costumized cars" instead it should say somethin like" Everybody can chose from many varietis".

EA should have done it themselves and taken a lil more time to do it, I think it was suposed to be done in 2/2004 or somethin like that, and that would haven given them time to make it a TRUE WORTHY NFS SERIES
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Postby Bojan » 15 Nov 2003, 20:56

Black Box didn't screw up nfshp2... They made the ps2 version which was actually very good! EA Seattle made it for other systems and it's EA Seattle's version that sucked.
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