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LAN play for NFS Underground

Postby Bojan » 14 Dec 2003, 20:54

vdlgnome made an util that allows you to play Need for Speed Underground offline on a LAN. The tool itself is still a little buggy, but you will be able to race. You can get it in our utils section.
> <a href="">NFSUnderground Utils</a>
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Postby _I3urlNlouT_ » 15 Dec 2003, 01:48

Awesome, I always knew this was the best nfs website lol :P
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Drift King
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Postby SuperRacer » 15 Dec 2003, 03:56

I bet EA is still trying to figure out how to implement LAN play (if they were serious about trying).
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NFSUnlimited Staff
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Postby Gussy » 15 Dec 2003, 13:05

one thing i never understood is WHY NOT IMPLEMENT LAN PLAY IN THE FIRST PLACE!

being able to race friends is what makes a game last....

but i thank vdlgnome for making my next LAN party a little bit better ;)

although i really hope u manage to get the program a lil more stable b4 ;)

thnx bro XD
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Postby tyler_durden » 23 Dec 2003, 00:51

question>how do I use this util. I start the server and than what?how do I initialize a LAN gaem and how does a client connect?
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