NFSHP2: Beta patch released

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NFSHP2: Beta patch released

Postby Bojan » 24 Nov 2002, 12:16

EACadillac, the EA staff member that visits NFS forums, has uploaded a beta version of the patch for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 to EA's ftp servers. This patch addresses force feedback and improves security in online play.

> Download the patch

> EACadillac's post on Need for Better Speed forums
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Its good that there is a patch, but...........

Postby Frost451 » 30 Nov 2002, 00:39

Not if you have a Radon 9700 pro and 3.09 Ghz monster PC that wont run HP2. :(. It runs like a slide show on my 1.2 Ghz Athlon with GeForce 3. I have been dying to play this game on my big rig, but Nvidia still has not released NV30 and I'm not shelling out $300 for Geforce 4 ti4600. I am playing all other games at 32bit 1280*1024 or 1600*1200 32bit butter smooth. NFSPU runs on my big rig, not HP2. EA is getting to big for its own good. Just give us a radon patch, please. :)

patch for my genius maxfire g-09d

Postby rahman » 30 Dec 2002, 20:14

hi, any body can tell me where can i download patch for my gamepad genius maxfire g-09d, so i can using force feed back with my gamepad for playing need for speed hot pursuid 2 game

Postby SuperRacer » 30 Dec 2002, 23:54

Try downloading that beta patch, it should enable force feedback.
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