OIFTools released!

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OIFTools released!

Postby viper_gts » 21 Jul 2003, 21:26

from nfscars

After a long wait, OIFTools is finally available for public use. For those who don't know what it is, here a description from the official OEdit site:

OIFTool is a program that converts .o files containing 3D models that are used in EA's graphics library to a .oif file, which can be edited. The reverse conversion from .oif to .o is also possible. "OIF" stands for "O Intermediate Format". An .oif file contains 3D model data extracted from a .o file as well as the original .o file appended to it. After editing, the data from the .oif file can be injected back into the original .o file.

The converted .oif file can be loaded into any modeling program with support for .oif files. Most modeling programs use a plugin format for providing support for new file formats, so adding .oif support to an existing modeler is not a lot of work. OIFTool takes care of most of the troublesome work, leaving the plugins with a simple task. Currently, a plugin is available for ZModeler.

More information and a download link can be found at the official OEdit site!
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