Motor City Shutdown

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Motor City Shutdown

Postby Bojan » 01 Sep 2003, 09:47

Motor City finally closed it's doors on the 29th of August.
Qoute from the official website:

We at Electronic Arts and MCO Staff both past and present would like to say thank you for being a part of a great online racing game experience. Motor City Online service ends today, but it will live on forever in the hearts of the racers who loved the game.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm for Motor City Online and making it such a great place to play.

MCO Staff
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Postby Koffy » 02 Sep 2003, 01:25

I see a "Oh, you payed for the game, and now you can't use it, but your money will live in the pockets of EA." :twisted:
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Postby Guest » 02 Sep 2003, 22:35

Exactly thats why I never bought the game. I only played it when they were beta testing. And when I found out that you had to pay 40 dollars for the game then pay an extra 10 dollars a month just to play it, I was like what kinda s*** is that? I just bought the game why do I have to pay to play it? So thats why I never bought it although it looked nice and I like the style of the game. But oh well Im glad I didnt waste my money on a game like that.


Postby EP14 » 04 Sep 2003, 02:21

you would have had to get into the community a little to truely appreciate MotorCity. Ive been there since the first week, and wont regret paying for it. The community is part of what made this game unique, so it had scammers sore losers or whatnot, there was a lot of great people on it. The game itself was enough to lure me in, online classics and such, but like I said, to have experienced the community is to have completely experienced MotorCity

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