Australian demo on NFS Unlimited

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Australian demo on NFS Unlimited

Postby Bojan » 18 Oct 2002, 19:53

As a result of a lack of servers for Australian Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 demo I uploaded it to NFS Unlimited.
Download Ausssie demo from NFS Unlimited
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Postby Travman » 19 Oct 2002, 05:44

me being australian and all went to DL it from the site and got sent to edgefiles. Thats ok but when i go to download it, there is a trojan attached to it and my internet security went ape and blocked it. Think you can upload a virus/trojan free version?

Postby SuperRacer » 19 Oct 2002, 06:11

There's no trojan or virus there. If your antivirus program blocked it just disable it. It's probably just the site doing something the program doesn't like. I don't think there's a trojan or virus on the site and I'm sure the file isn't infected.
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