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Gamespot review of NFS:HP2

Postby SuperRacer » 22 Oct 2002, 03:16

Sigh.. well just as I thought the PS2 version, the only version of the game not developed by EA Seattle, turned out to be a lot better than the PC version. Check out Gamespot's review of the PC version here. There are also some new screenshots.

'While the PS2 version, which was developed by Black Box, is a wholly satisfying racing game with great graphics and a visceral sense of speed, the Xbox and GameCube versions of Hot Pursuit II are noticeably tamer in terms of control, graphics, and sound. That's because those two versions of the game were developed by a completely different company, EA Seattle, in order to ship on time alongside Hot Pursuit II for the PlayStation 2, which Electronic Arts considers to be the primary version of the game. Unfortunately for PC game players, EA didn't port the superior PS2 version of Hot Pursuit II to the PC. Instead, PC owners get a port of the less spectacular GameCube and Xbox versions of Hot Pursuit II. That's not to say that Hot Pursuit II for the PC is bad. It certainly is a good arcade-style driving game, but it's nowhere near as fun as the PlayStation 2 version.'
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Postby Bojan » 22 Oct 2002, 21:19

There goes more than a year of hoping for a good sequel to NFS Porsche.
:( :( :(
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