Team Spastic is looking for Mature Applicants...

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Team Spastic is looking for Mature Applicants...

Postby MetalDeath » 14 Nov 2010, 18:28

We are a new team formed by leaders with a high level of skill and in depth knowledge of the need for speed franchise. We are a core group of 21 members and 3 leaders making a complete team of 24 members. Current members are not yet listed. If selected as a member you will be given the team TS info and be expected to be sociable with the other members. You will be listed on the team roster as a permanent member and will not be replaced by a "better racer". As a member you will have a reserved spot in any public competitions and will be competing in team competitions periodically. Although we will hold you to a honoring reputation you are free to do what ever you want as a member and are not bound by ridiculous restrictions as a member. Thank you for being part of an amazing team.

Our site is located at:
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Re: Team Spastic is looking for Mature Applicants...

Postby Infernal502GTR » 30 Nov 2010, 03:03

Metall!!....Hope you read this bc I've posted my reply to both of your threads!!...Tell Mopar I want in!!
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