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Oz Gentleman's Club - Aussies & Kiwi's

Postby Tazfrog » 27 Nov 2011, 03:45

Oz Gentlemen's Club

Oz Gentlemen's Club (or OGC) is a Club for Australian NFS World players who enjoy racing properly & cleanly.

We aren't too serious we just enjoy chatting with each other and having fun clean races! There is no age requirement though if you act immature you will be kicked from the club. Talking some sh** is allowed but we don't want people who run around insulting other people & bragging about how good they are.


No ramming on purpose. (We understand accidents do happen, but if you're taking out the other drivers every single race you will be kicked from the club
No insulting other players, club members or not it isn't tolerated.

Join Now!
You are required to reside in Australia or New Zealand to join.

In order to join OGC you are required to be of level 15 minimum, this is not because we only want great drivers, we just want users who have been playing for a while and are able to keep up in a race between us. (We don't want you to feel left out or to get bored because you're 10 miles behind every race.) You will also need a car in both Tier1 & Tier2 in order to join though it is preferred you have 1 car in each tier. (This is to keep it fair for everyone, not have members racing T1's against T2's etc)

If you're below level 15 but believe you have cars fast enough to keep your time with us fun & have a competitive fun race then you may still apply, though you will then be required to be assessed by 1 of our longer term members. We will drive a car we believe matches up best with your respective tier car, if we do not have a car as low as your car we will drive the lowest car we have. In order to join you will need to finish the race first or within 10 seconds of the club member.

Fill the below in & Post it on this thread.
Questions marked with * are option, if you do not wish to include that information please put N/A after the question.

Highest level Char:

You may list more then 1.
Fastest Tier 1 Car:
Fastest Tier 2 Car:
Fastest Tier 3 car:
If you do not have a T3 car put N/A in that field.

*Do you want an assessment from 1 of our club members?:
(If you're below level 15 you are automatically required to have this.)

Members in bold are considered long term active members. Members in red are considered inactive & are on the verge of being removed from the club.

Also, you are free to join crews whilst you are with us. We are a club, not a crew so if you want to join a serious go hard or go home crew while you're a member of OGC don't hold back, You're free to do so.

At this current time we only use the in-game voice chat server & we do not have a website, how ever, if there is enough interest in the club I will buy a web host & build a website. if enough members join have a mic I will rent a Teamspeak of Ventrillo server.
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