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The Lucky 7's

Postby SpeedDemon178 » 18 Feb 2012, 22:41

About the Crew:

The Lucky 7's isn't exactly a crew, more of a group of friends hanging out and having fun. It was founded by me (SpeedDemon178 ) and later assisted by Razor984 on 6-30-2011. Since I'm into MVP-One, I'll be on channel one, but we usually chat in group anyway. And I'm sure we'll be active on the track as well.

Lucky Style:

Very loose, make your car however you want. But your design can't be offensive (we're a clean crew you know!) so no gang signs or rude comments or whatever a 5 year old shouldn't see.


-Put a 7 of any kind anywhere on your car
-Members must be able to speak and understand English
-No requirements on car tier or driver level (though a t2 car would be nice)
-At least level 25 and have more than one car


-Respect the other members (no name-calling, no racist remarks, minimum swearing, and no offensive behavior)
-Play fair (no ramming, no hacking, no cheating. If you are proven to do any of these you either wont get to join or will be banned from the crew)
-Be mature (all ages can join the crew, but don't spam chat, get mad if you lose a race, or start a fight)


Since we don't know you and you don't know us (maybe), we need time to see if you're good for the crew or if you think the crew is right for you. You can get to any of us in chat or individually whispering to us, or just pm one of us. If we knew you for a week or more we can just let you join, but otherwise you can take our on-the-spot test. All new members are reviewed with a vote so it's a fair deal, but one vote against you and you aren't for us (we'll be fair trust me).


-SpeedDemon178 (Leader/ Founder)
-Razor984 (Assistant Leader)
-Lavara (Vinyl Specialist)
-SpeedRacerrrr (Member)
-NameUnknown (Member)

About Me:
Just so you all know who's running the crew, I'm putting a little bit about myself. Though I'm considered a leader, I consider that a title and has little meaning in the crew. To me, all members of the crew are equal, the difference with me is I'm also a figure-head (I represent the crew mainly). Anyway, I like a lot of cars, but if I could pick one I'd pick a 2011 Ford Mustang GT. I'm easy to get along with, but if you offend me or one of my friends, I will get loud (just so you know). As of right now, my car list is too big to list all of the cars and is gonna keep growing (but in real life I only own a 1994 Lincoln Continental). If you knew me before, you'd remember my Nissan Silvia, my Mazdaspeed 3, and my BMW Z4 M Coupe. I used to be SpeedDemon194 but changed it to 178 because of a bad start. I currently have SpeedDemon78 as a secondary account, but mainly use 178. A little back story, I've been into video games since the age of 5 (first game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2) and after the age of 6 I started getting interested in cars. I currently attend tech school for automotive service, and recently got certified to work with hazardous material, mechanical material, and mechanics safety. If you want to know anything else about me, please pm me and I'll add it to this or answer you personally if you want.
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