Friends & Recommendations in NFS The Run

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Friends & Recommendations in NFS The Run

Postby Hagarken » 07 Dec 2013, 17:18


I recently bought PC version of The Run on a sale on Origin. I got some questions.

I got most cars unlocked accept for some of those linked to group objectives and all of those locked to the autolog recommendations.

I have some friends in the Origin client, but they do not appear in The Run, although they own the game, why is this ? So I have only be able to do the group objectives when i'm invited by them into a playgroup, but I can't invite them myself.

Secondly, how do Autolog Recommendations work ?

If you want to invite me to do some multiplayer, go ahead, the name is Hagerken :)

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Re: Friends & Recommendations in NFS The Run

Postby thetrellan » 18 Jan 2014, 21:54

Supposedly you open autolog- left middle button on my xbox 360 controller- and go to the friends tab by hitting r2 twice, and then going to friend recommendations. Hasn't worked for me, all I get is a notice saying I need to go to friend recommendations. There is a recommendations tab, but that only shows me challenges I need to get gold on. Frankly, I came here looking for an answer. Still looking.
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