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Ghost cops

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2013, 19:01
by Qmaster50
I have noticed on that in cool down there will be no cops on your map, until they slam into you and take you out of cool down..

Re: Ghost cops

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2013, 02:20
by junior6at
Sounds scary.

Re: Ghost cops

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2013, 23:21
by okuhle94
I had one time when I was cooling down and a cop frikken spawned in front of me :O

Re: Ghost cops

PostPosted: 11 May 2013, 19:56
by MMDeveloper
yeah the police in this game are unreal. SUVs catching up and outrunning these high end sports cars with all pro mods. Random spawns infront of you, hell I've even seen them spawn and drive down mountain sides to tumble onto the road below that I was on.

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PostPosted: 29 May 2020, 08:51
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