NFS: Rivals - launch trailer and PS4 reviews are here

Re: NFS: Rivals - launch trailer and PS4 reviews are here

Postby MaxT » 21 Nov 2013, 21:22

I didn't think this was humanly possible but this game actually sucks more than The Run. at least that one had a decent amount of cars and decent customization.

tbh the only thing that I like... sort of... about Rivals are the driving mechanics, but it's pretty hard to tell when the controls are so jagged and the cars so freaking slow. whatever happened to Need For SPEED?

EA also reached a new level of lame with it. the cars are split between cops and racers 50/50 but they all have variants for each side, which will no doubt be (re)sold as DLC.

I'm surprised by the fact that the game is only 9GB even though it runs on Froscrap 3, but what I'm not surprised about is the fact that, besides being grey as hell, the game looks like crap on monitors smaller than 2048 x 1280 even with extra anti-aliasing. in typical Criterion NFS fashion it's also capped at 32 FPS.

I give it a 2/19 cause EA.


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Postby ClintonDon » 10 Jun 2017, 11:05

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Postby ClintonDon » 10 Jun 2017, 11:10

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