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Fallout 3

PostPosted: 17 May 2007, 19:31
by Pabl0z
A lot of people have been waiting for this game for years and years (including myself).
Interplay was making the game for quite a while until the project was cancelled.
The sequel to the cult post-apocalyptic role-playing game was resurrected by Bethesda, where it is currently in development.
Apparently it'll be based on the same engine as Oblivion, so it'll be very different from the old Fallout-games.

But we will have to wait a couple more weeks to find out more when they release a TEASER TRAILER!

Also... They released the tech demo of the "old" Fallout 3 that was being made by Interplay.
Here you can see what the game might have been like if Interplay would've released it:
(Download link on top of the page)

I personally can't wait for the teaser trailer.
Hopefully it'll show enough to get an idea of how the game will be like really.

PostPosted: 19 May 2007, 06:00
by xturbo
I used to play Fallout and a little bit of Fallout 2...and now Fallout 3!!!

thanks for the news pabl0z...thanks a lot!!!!

PostPosted: 05 Jun 2007, 19:53
by Pabl0z
The teaser trailer is out today!
Check it out at

Too bad it really was just a teaser so you don't get to see much of anything :?.
Hopefully there's a proper trailer coming out soon.

Here's a direct link to a 720p version. ... t_720p.wmv

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2007, 19:27
by Pabl0z
Game Informer Fallout 3 article scans:

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2007, 23:35
by xturbo
My god...WOW
New totally gfx game system...I can't ask more for this one...
Two things : This is going to be more like what happens after the story of Fallout 2 or it's somehow a "remake" of what's going on with the holy devastated world? and: It's going to have the RPG thing seen from above OR totally third person view or something like that? I still prefer the old views...

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2007, 16:10
by donaldgladden
this is so cool! not only do i live less than 10 mins from D.C but i might also see my old house there in Fallout 3. UBER AWESOME!

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2007, 18:03
by EuroCable
OMG ! This is a seriously Crazy Game :) ( I play Flat Out 2 :P )

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2007, 23:53
by Pabl0z
FlatOut and Fallout are _quite_ different.
Believe me, I've played them both..

PostPosted: 19 Jun 2007, 04:40
by xturbo
Pabl0z wrote:Oooooooookay...
FlatOut and Fallout are _quite_ different.
Believe me, I've played them both..

I laughed so much with that pabl0z!!! rofl :lol:
He has to be kidding.... :lol:

Unsure what bethesda brings us now...about what I asked: continuation of Fallout 2 or a Remake of the whole series. :?

PostPosted: 19 Jun 2007, 07:16
by EuroCable
Oh god . . . sorry i dont read corect :|

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2008, 00:30
by Pabl0z
New teaser trailer is out.
I'd like to see some gameplay already.

The release date is set at october 7th 2008 in North America.
The release date for anywhere else is not set yet.


OH! There is a proper trailer out with gameplay after all!
It was released about a week ago.


Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2008, 19:52
by Tyrant
I can't WAIT for this game, I'm sooo gonna get it on day 1!

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2008, 20:59
by Pabl0z
Yeah I was gonna order the "Survival Edition" on amazon, but they won't ship it outside the US :(.
I'm still gonna pre-order the game though.

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2008, 22:54
by donaldgladden
anyone buy the PC Gamer magazine for this month? it has info on quests, the skills, and locale. The enclave is gonna be so badass this time around

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 30 Jul 2008, 03:23
by YaelDjiel
dang, it looks pretty gorey xD... love it already :lol:
looks like stalker+bioshock+more? whatever it is.. im gonna try it

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 30 Jul 2008, 14:06
by ImJ
First Person RPG?

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2008, 00:22
by donaldgladden
Yes imagine STALKER minus the leveling up.

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 21 Aug 2008, 15:36
by Pabl0z
The release date has been postponed by a couple of weeks.
It is now october 31st for Europe, U.S. release date is a couple of days before that.

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2008, 13:17
by Pabl0z
Bethesda launched a new Fallout3 site which has a lot of new funny 50's-style short movies and also clips of the game.

Check it out at:

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2008, 03:00
by donaldgladden
Tommorow my grades will begin to plummet right before report cards come out. :twisted: Can't wait to see my old apartment infested with ghouls and crab men.

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2008, 14:18
by Pabl0z

I'm still pondering if I'm going to buy the normal or collector's edition.
The collector's edition is damn expensive over here.
Dunno if I'll want to pay extra 30€ for it.
Either way can't wait for it to come out over here in europe in a couple of days :)

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2008, 18:23
by Cpt.Razkit
If i could Pabloz, I could send you one of the 3 copies I am going to have... :lol: Gonna be selling some on Ebay.

I hope Fallout 3 lives up to all the hype, since it was delayed about 2 years or so. I remember reading about this game almost 3 years ago lol.

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2008, 20:17
by Pabl0z
The game you probably read about before was the "Van Buren"-Fallout which got dumped almost 5 years ago because of Interplay's bankrupcy.
It was made by an entirely different team and it looked more like the old games.
So originally Fallout 3 was supposed to come out well over 4 years ago as a totally different looking game. :)

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2008, 02:05
by donaldgladden ... _too_f.php

Here in washington the place is going crazy now that people are finding out the game is extremely violent and bascially a wasteland of the city they live in. From what i here at school, most of them just want to get the game to explore D.C.

Sadly, i can't find a copy :(

Re: Fallout 3

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2008, 10:46
by Cpt.Razkit
I started to play it. Not bad so far, gotten about an hour into the game and it's pretty fun. I will post more later after I get into the story more, without giving spoilers.