cheat code

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cheat code

Postby nfsboi7 » 08 Jul 2008, 04:36

how come when i type in unlockallthings it says invalid entry???????
someone please tell me how i could possibly fix dis :
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Re: cheat code

Postby RedCarDriver » 08 Jul 2008, 05:22

First off, this would have been better in the General Discussion forum under NEED FOR SPEED (one of the first few forum groups).

Also, if you've installed Patch 1.1, you can't use the code unless you install SAAM007's patch (PC only); look for SAAM007's patch under Editing (it may not be on the first page).

If you've installed the Energizer Pack or any later upgrade, for any console other than PC, you can't do anything about it, sorry.
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