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Re: What do you think about pirated games?

PostPosted: 28 Mar 2013, 23:26
by TheStig
Let me first say this:


Must be a record... 2005... that's going back... way way back in time.

but he...

Sure some games really need to improve, but by downloading it without paying for it, it doesn't change, it does not get better, but at the same time you still let the creators know you like it even if you say it's crap.

That is way I just don't play any NFS games anymore, they don't get any money from me anymore, and am just not playing it at all.

Hydro, I think you could just as well talk to a wall here... he just won't see that what he is doing does ruin the industry.

I do admit that the industry itself does it the wrong way to get it corrected, if you loose money then raising prices isn't a good option.
Sure download versions of the game cost less then a real version in a box to make, but at the same time it should be a lot cheaper then a box version because it's.... well a DL version.

I don't play PC games anymore for a long time, to many reasons to name.
So I only play Xbox 360 games now.
And all are original, if I like something I buy it, and I will buy it as a hard copy with box and if I really like a game I will buy the limited Edition, even if it is useless and much more expensive, I want to PAY my RESPECT to the people who build it by buying it.
because I want them to continue to build more and you can't live on love and repect... sorry the 70's and flower power days are long gone and even the hippies found out that you really can't live on love and happiness alone...

But saying that "sharing" doesn't hurt the industry is just ignorant!

Re: What do you think about pirated games?

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2013, 16:21
by Bernard
Just an example: I bought a big blanket and shared it with my girlfriend (I wish I ever had a girlfriend :D). And she won't buy a blanket for herself, because my blanket is big enough! Did she steal something from blanket manufacturer? Should blanket sharing be illegal? File sharing is almost similar thing, but the files are digital and the most file receivers are random people.

I don't want to convince you that you should download games or something. I just sharing my opinion with you. Most of my downloaded games are mods, repacks and rare stuff that not available anywhere in Russia. If I don't like a game, I'll delete it. If I don't like a game franchise (new James Bond or a new NFS), I'll stop buying and downloading it. If my CD is not running, I'll backup my game files and/or I'll download a temporary copy, and If I can, I'll buy a game later.

TheStig, why you stopped playing games for PC? In Russian shops most console games are more expensive than PC games (average prices are $74 vs $20). And usually you can't mod or improve your console and it's games (Xbox Live will ban you). PC is more handy, because you can do with it anything. Even making games. Also, PC can emulate consoles.

Re: What do you think about pirated games?

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2013, 17:29
by TheStig
Reason is simple, time and effort.

Don't want to check everytime if my computer can still run a game, and if so.. on what settings, then if it doesn't run nice enough I have to upgrade the bloody thing AGAIN with a new gfxcard or more RAM or whatever. it costs more then a complete console itself.

And if I want to play a game quickly I can startup the Xbox, start the game and within a minute I'm online gaming.
+ all games are optimised for my machine, don't have to change GFX settings, don't have to install games.

Sure games are more expensive, but in return I get a lot less hassle.
I don't care about modding games anymore, it often turned out not to really improve the game anyway, more glitches etc etc.

And the main reason I have a 360 was Forza Motorsport, but I also prefer the online system they use, and some more reasons.

The PC is only used for my business and sometimes internet etc.

Re: What do you think about pirated games?

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2013, 18:11
by Hydro_PT
Bernard wrote:Just an example: I bought a big blanket and shared it with my girlfriend (I wish I ever had a girlfriend :D). And she won't buy a blanket for herself, because my blanket is big enough! Did she steal something from blanket manufacturer? Should blanket sharing be illegal? File sharing is almost similar thing, but the files are digital and the most file receivers are random people.

Intellectual property. :)

That's what you are actually buying. You don't buy a game, you buy a license that allows you to play that game as intended by the developers. That's why they are sold "as is", meaning that you can't, for instance, ask for a refund if you find a bug. That's also why most developers don't like people modding their games or porting content from one game to another. EA forbids, legally, people to convert cars from any NFS game to a Grand Theft Auto game, for example. In the same way that Rockstar Games was in a deep mess when somebody decided to extract a piece of code hidden in their GTA: San Andreas game, and that piece of code allowed the player to have explicit sex scenes with the girlfriends. The result? A massive case that ended up with Rockstar paying a heavy price (literally), to get out of that mess. Plus having to recode part of the game to remove those sex scenes, and print tons of more DVDs called "Version 2.0". All of that because someone did what they say it is forbidden to do. You are not allowed to edit the source code of the game. Yet someone did and bang. And some months ago things got serious when Porsche forbid a team of modders to release a Porsche GT3 racing car mod for a PC simulator. Months of hard work and when the release date was near, Porsche just said "if you release that, you go to court against us." Intellectual property.

It's the same with movies. You buy the right to see the movie, but you are not authorized to sell it or share it because you only buy it for yourself. The same with a book. The same with music. Of course people don't go to these extremes. I can buy a movie and watch it with a couple of friends, and I can exchange books with friends, or let them hear the musics I've bought. That would be impossible to control and no one cares. But when it comes to mass distribution (and that's what file sharing is), then things go out of hand. Instead of sharing one music you bought with another person, you are giving that music for free to anyone in the world who has an internet connection. When you only bought the right to listen to that music yourself. ;)

Let's say you buy a car in a stand. You pay for the car, it is yours. But the stand owner kept a copy of the key, and he lets anyone who asks for it to do copies of that key so they can use your car whenever they want. That would be "car sharing", just like "file sharing". How happy would you be, though, having your car being used by anyone? It's the same with games. The developers develop their game, it is owned by them or a company, but anyone can actually use it for free if so they wish.

I probably haven't changed your mind with yet another example, but at least I'm trying. :lol: Still, the highlighted sentence in your quote says it all hehe.

And yeah, 2005 thread... didn't even notice that! :D

Re: What do you think about pirated games?

PostPosted: 02 Apr 2013, 22:57
by Bernard
Well, my 2007 PC downloading/installing stuff and booting/running fast enough. New PCs are more faster and they don't take too much time for a necessary operations. I have not tried new games yet (because I don't even want to download most of them), but the most pre-2009 games run fine.

I'm going to buy a TDU1 and a Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 CDs, but first I need to buy more important things (gifts, clothing, French textbooks, food, etc) :)

Also, you don't need to upgrade your PC for every single game. I think, upgrading it once in three or four years is enough. And you always should backup your game and/or its files when modding. I had made a small mods for a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to improve my game and for fun, and they worked very nice on my PC.

Hydro_PT, you got it all wrong. Joyriding and sharing are different things. I bought a blanket and shared it with my girl, uploader bought a game and shared it with a filesharing website/client users, and we still have our bought stuff.

Now let's face your example: car dealer/stand owner = publisher, car = game, car key = hacked activation key that allows other people to install my paid game for free, but not allows me. Fortunately, I'm smart enough to hack my game (or change the car lock) right after purchasing ;)
Yeah, publishers/car dealers are tricksters, but they can't trick me :D

And a blanket design or an original form factor is not the intellectual property? Why then Apple is trying to patent their iPad's form factor (rounded corners or something) and suing Samsung for "copying" their products?

I don't understand, how could some publishers refuse to mod their games?! Most mods are free and they only give the popularity to developers/publishers... For example, I can easily mod a Grand Theft Auto game, but I can't mod a Need for Speed game. Which game is more "friendly" to me?
Why many people downloading Minecraft (except me, because I really like this game and I'll buy it), and Mojang don't go into the "copyright infringement" hysteria? ... or-110303/ — interview with Markus “Notch” Persson.

Also, Grand Theft Auto is a mature(!) game and it has a violence/profanity/drugs/sex/etc., so kids should not be able to buy it (fun fact: my junior brother bought a Grand Theft Auto game when he was ten years old :) ). Developers/publishers should know: hackers (and "pirates") don't even care about "license agreement" and "intellectual property", so developers/publishers always should check their games before release.
If developers/publishers want to make more money and popularity, they should stimulate people to purchase their products.

Anyway, if you don't want to talk about the topic's subject, you can delete/lock this topic. We can discuss more interesting things like future NFS game or a cute girls :)

I'm sorry for possible mistakes, my English is not perfect and it's not my native language, so I can make mistakes occasionally.

Re: What do you think about pirated games?

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2013, 23:45
by TheStig
I think you should see the whole issue like this:

A publisher doesn't care if you share your game with a friend, just like the manufacturer doesn't mind that you share your blanket with your girlfriend, but would you make copies of the blanket with their design on it etc, and give them away of selling them, they won't like it.

Other example, books.

If you buy a book and you share it with a friend, the publisher doesn't care much.
But would you get a photocopier and make thousands of copies and giving them away or selling them for cheap.
They won't like you anymore.
But then you don't do that because it will cost you money to physically copy a book, you need lots of paper, ink etc....

With filesharing it's not like you share it with 1 person.
You share it with millions at the same time, even if you share it with only 10 people, they again will share it with others again and it grows fast!!

No company cares if you share it with a friend, but its the mass sharing that creates potential losses of millions a year.

Re: What do you think about pirated games?

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2015, 16:07
by jumpstart
I used to be a fan...but now I'm not so sure. But I think in general they are fine :)