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PostPosted: 21 Nov 2005, 07:05
by Fadeproof
Definetly midnight club 3... alot of really good songs in it, way more than any other game.

Hanh! - Ying Yang twins
U dont know me - T.I.
Body head anthem - Roy jones jr
Jump on it - trick daddy and trina
Ghetto - fabolous
Safe 2 say (the incredible) - fat joe
Go dj - lil wayne
like a 24 - twista ft. cee-lo
like a boss - slim thug
dammit man - piccalo
freek a leek - petey pablo
This is how we do - the game and 50 cent
gangsta - fabolous
keepin it gangsta - fabolous

are all really good songs... and they are all in midnight club 3, so that definetly gets my vote

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2005, 14:18
by donaldgladden
Gran turismo 2 the first one with liscened music and Juiced. i Still like Jonny L- Hurt you so aheh

PostPosted: 13 Feb 2006, 05:38
by Harpal Hoonjan
Wipeout Series for sure. Most of every track for every Wipeout game I love...
Anyways..I can't believe no one mentioned Final Fantasy Orchestra music, Nobuo Ueumatsu is a legend!

PostPosted: 13 Feb 2006, 12:06
by bashderq
As fore-mentioned, the GTA San Andreas radio stations are the best soundtracks i'e heard in a game. Second best has to be the sound tracks from Stubbs the Zombie, Rebel without a Pulse They're so old school and fit the game surprisingly well.

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2006, 07:19
nfs hp2 for mr. Civic.

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2006, 03:03
by Harpal Hoonjan
I forgot to mention that Tekken series has a few great tracks - especially Tekken 3. ;)

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2006, 16:21
by Ragotech
i think i will go with prince of persia sand of time first then the 2 next games form it

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2006, 02:55
by Ataraxia
master m wrote:I've got another game with great music:

Interstate '76:
Cool Disco music. And a good game too :)

I'76/77/82 :D

I have all the soundtracks including the offical I'76 CD Soundtrack that had talky bits and extra tracks. I loved those games [well I'82 was a pos but lets forget that one eh?]. I still have my original CD's. Might kick up Virtual PC and play it again :D.

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2006, 15:32
by chemicalcode
sum of my favourites:

Vice city is number one, I think Metroid Prime has a great score too, Although I didn't really like Burnout 3 it had a some great songs on there, I liked wipeout 3's soundtrack better than 2097. The games with the best tracks are the ones which let you play own music that way your never dissapointed (downside is not finding new bands to like), but scores are bit different from soundtracks, I definatley prefer scores over soundtracks

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2006, 03:08
by 2fast4Ux2
SliM_880 wrote:ya its gonna be cool... it came out 2 days ago in the US... its pretty cool, with all 50 cent's sound tracks n stuff... u can customize (i think) the tracks like a playlist editor (next track, previous track, replay...)

About Undergroud, yes it has a good music selection, but not as good as NFL Street2...
u really buy tracks and videos and stuff like that but the game trax are awsome there is like over 90 songs on thers!!

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2006, 00:10
by S2000_Skyline12
Vice City(Flash FM and others)
GTASA(Los Santos Radio)
Jet Grind Radio
Metropolis Street Racer

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2006, 18:39
by mjdude23
R34GTR wrote:hmm Gran Turismo 1 8)

Midnight Club
Underground 1

but most games on my XBOX allow me to use custom soundtracks :)
Those were the games I was gonna post :P

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2006, 21:41
by BKize_GT
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition has the best ever soundtrack :shock:

Pain/Jimmy Eat World
Real Big/Mannie Fresh
Body Head Anthem/Roy Jones Jr.
Shyne On/forgot... :lol:
A Modern Way of Letting Go/Idlewind
Club Foot/Kasabian
Freak-A-Leak/Petey Pablo
Go DJ/Lil' Wayne
This Is How We Do/The Game & 50 Cent

^^Gotta love em'

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2006, 21:59
by Toshiro
Metroid Prime. I love the background music in it.

Re: Game with best Music collection...

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2013, 21:54
by Bernard
Need for Speed: 2 SE, Hot Pursuit, High Stakes, Porsche Unleashed and Hot Pursuit 2.
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.
IGI 2: Covert Strike.
James Bond 007: Nightfire.
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.
Max Payne.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Vice City Stories.
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (NES).
Age of Mythology.
Enter the Matrix.
Scarface: The World Is Yours (except modern songs).