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Everything that has to do with art goes into this board. Post your creations and hear what other people have to say about it!

Postby Janx14 » 26 Oct 2006, 15:35

isnt the voting over :\
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Postby SRDragoon20 » 26 Oct 2006, 17:50

u did but the person who did it didnt have 50 posts so it didnt count XD
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Postby rollynlow » 26 Oct 2006, 20:11

um,i think it did he has almost 4000 posts.
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Postby trejo818 » 26 Oct 2006, 22:55

cool, i won :D thanks guys.
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Postby nismodriftster95 » 27 Oct 2006, 04:34

Tyrant wrote:
Stereo wrote:
Sir Ibi wrote:Ooh the quoting game - How lazy are you guys? :P

krazyammo wrote:
xHaZxMaTx wrote:
YaelDjiel wrote:
SliM_880 wrote:1. trejo818
2. janx14
3. | Ryu |

cool, i won thanks guys.

Your welcome (Copy and paste)
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