Design my university t-shirt

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Design my university t-shirt

Postby SP4RCO » 24 Nov 2006, 19:39

Yeah we have thought about designing a t-shirt and sell it around (for a really low price). So I ask you photoshop artists to help me Image

Here is the template.

* Color suggestions:

- Blue + white letters
- Orange + black letters
- Red + white letters

*Text: (centered, big (not huge lol) and maybe bold. No effects)



this is the hard part :D It needs to be something related to Economy. Or just a random drawing like some curves i.e. but not too complex. Color should be the same than letters (bicolor t-shirt)

* Fonts

- Space Age
- TheMonkiesAteMySoul

* some orientative links:

the university
nice logo thingie
Real life photo (bottom)
Official school site

feel free to do anything! thanks!
Did it 4 teh lulz
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