[Undercover] Screenshot Request Thread

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[Undercover] Screenshot Request Thread

Postby Dragon-of-Rune » 08 Dec 2008, 13:40

Havent seen a thread for this so i will create it. For all console users who want better quality screenshots for showroom. Requesting is easy just make a little list like this:

Car: Input brand and model here.
Bodykit: Input body and % here.
Hood: Input hood and % here.
Rimms: Input type, all/front/rear and % here.
Spoiler: Input spoiler and % here.
Color: Input body, rimms, spoiler color here.
Vinyls: Input vinyls and a screenshot like this here. This way we can see the position of the vinyls. Dont forget to name the color and if you want it mirrored or not.
Screenshot: Angle you want your screenshots in, and tell us if you want it in the garage or on the road (dont ask for specific places on the map).

Because there arent any money trainers out there you have to keep in mind that the total price of the car (car+visuals) cannot be over 400K. I simply make a back-up of my save game, create the car you want and but back the original file.

Example of costs (rough prices):
Car (190K) + bodykit (15K) + Spoiler (4K) + Rimms (6K) + Vinylwork (4K) = 219K (Allowed)
Car (350K) + bodykit (15K) + Spoiler (6K) + Rimms (6K) + Vinylwork (8K) = 385K (Allowed)
Car (380K) + bodykit (15K) = 395K (Doesnt really leave much room for other stuff, so not Allowed)

So untill there is a money trainer, please keep all costs under 400K please. Unless i can download a save game somewhere that has more then 400K and all tiers unlocked.

Also keep in mind that i am not on much. So either other people will help you or wait untill the weekend, i have some time on saturday afternoon and sunday. I only have 2 simple rules for this thread:

1: No whining about the colors being off or any other small mistake. We do this because we want to not because we have 2. If you whine dont expect people to help you again in the future.

2: Make sure the vinyl work isn't to complex. If it is, a photo that clearly shows the vinyl work is needed.

Also if people who have the pc version, but have to run the game on low setting want a better quality screenshot. That is also possible. I run the game on max settings, so all you have to do is upload your save game and tell me which cars you need screenshots from.

Edit: Ok money isnt a problem anymore. I found a save game editor and the money changing function seems to work ;) .
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Re: [Undercover] Screenshot Request Thread

Postby Lucky 13 » 09 Dec 2009, 23:30

Learn to photo mode. I'm assuming you can import photos directly or download them off EA.com and put them here from your comp.
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