NFS Underground please help!

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NFS Underground please help!

Postby Lucky 13 » 21 Feb 2010, 23:40

Can somebody help me please?

I've been looking for UG1 shots for almost a year (no joke) and the guy who was going to do them suddenly deactivated his account or got banned or something!

The shots thread is dead! There was a guy going to do my request but he picked the wrong widebody and decided to forget it!

I was going to ask GT3x24x7 but he hasn't been on for almost three weeks!

ozzy89 can't do it because he doesn't have UG1 installed anymore!

Is there anyone anywhere who can do decent UG1 shots reliably? Because I have a PS2 and digiatal cameras don't work all that well with TVs LOL.

At least say no if the answer is no so I have an answer!
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