game release..

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game release..

Postby driverx15 on 16 Nov 2007, 03:46

so, what ive learned in the past 2 days:

1.)ea, is the absolute worst company for shipping items.
2.)eb games has terrible customer service.
3.)the game has been delayed untill november 16th for xbox 360 in canada.

this is insanity.

i will never buy another product from eb games.

i understand that it isnt their fault that they dont have the game, but listen to my story.

i go to eb games on november 14th, to pick up need for speed prostreet, as i have pre ordered it from there.

the guy at the front desk tells me, "oh, we dont have it, we should be getting it in tomorrow."

so that night, i call another local eb games and ask if they have it for xbox 360, the stupid man at the counter says, "yes, we have it". so i go to the eb games which i pre ordered the game, and cancell my pre order, and get a gift card with the exact amount of money the game costs on it.

from there, i go to the ebgames that says they have prostreet, and figures, they dont f*cking have it.

not because they sold out after i called, its because the guy was too lazy to check the damn shelves for the game..

so now today, i call them, expecting to her "yes, we have it in today"

but no, i hear, "oh, sorry, the game has been delayed, we should have it in tomorrow."

and wow was i pissed.

so they better have it tomorrow, or thats the last tihng i buy from ea.

or ebgames.
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Turbo Charged
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Re: game release..

Postby Zero260 on 16 Nov 2007, 05:21

Really?... You made a new topic for this? #-o

When you asked if they had Pro Street, did you ask for Xbox360? Because they have it for all other consoles... If not, I wouldn't blame it on EB Games, just the stupid kid that works there. And those damn EA vendors...

You're overreacting. Don't worry, you'll get over it. Just one more day. Then, next year, you'll forget all about this and buy the next NFS. :P

Just think about the poor Brits and Aussies, they have to wait a whole other week!
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Re: game release..

Postby pigi on 16 Nov 2007, 09:22

also there are more few tousands of peoples like u.
They all wait game and talk EA sucks. If so dont play pro street.
They made great game they was working on it so long time.
So with shiping they made little mistake or its just hard cause so many recuaes's from other peoples.

Seriously go to local game shop and buy this game.
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Re: game release..

Postby The Gravedigger on 16 Nov 2007, 15:15

Deal with it, stuff like this happens all the time. I have to wait until 6th December for a pre-order I did in mid-October for Juiced 2: Collector's Edition for PC when back then it was slated for 15th November release...

Do I care?
No, simply because I know that I'll get the game when it's released here and I don't have to worry about forking out anymore money, until then I have other stuff to occupy myself with, like...... getting over pneumonia and trying to reinstall v1.01 immortality, even though GT says it's ghey :<
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