Blueprint and Race Day sharing?

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Blueprint and Race Day sharing?

Postby clldwllr59 on 12 Feb 2008, 04:17

OK, so I'm a PC user and want to share a race day or share my blueprints. HOW DO I DO THAT? I can create a race day, but how do I share it with the rest of the world so they can compete? I have a great grip blueprint for the Impreza. How do I get that to you? I go into the "Share" section and that does the same as pressing "M" for the messenger. So let's go into my garage and go to my car and into the blueprint. Is there an option to share this blueprint? No. WTF? Am I completely retarded or is this actually difficult to do? As far as I know my account is linked to the EA site (I submit photos no problem). Aggravation!!!
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