Expanding React?

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Expanding React?

Postby lizardfolk on 05 Aug 2011, 11:03

Hey guys, I talked to an old friend of mine who I played Need for Speed Prostreet and Shift 2 with a lot and he said I should join the react team. Seems like a racing team (clan) but I'm not really sure. Is this just a community? But if you guys are somewhat an organized group racing under the "react" name I'd like to expand the team name into some racing simulations that I play.

specifically rFactor and iRacing. I play rFactor extensively joining league races in the Race Department community.

So would anyone be ok if I form a "Team React" in sim racing? That would link back to here and use this as sort of a basis of operation? Anyone who wants to join me in rFactor let me know I can give away free copies of the game
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Re: Expanding React?

Postby Mustafur on 06 Aug 2011, 01:07

im am very intrested in this as well, we could expand the profile of this team into the hardcore simulators such as iracing or rfactor.
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