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SHIFT Category Competition

Postby Rizur » 07 Feb 2010, 17:04

Some of you may have noticed the SHIFT Category Competition we launched in Showroom Weekly Issue #49 and to get more contestants we bring the rules and information of the competition to the news.

Here's how it works:
If you have a few images you would like to see featured in SHIFT Showroom category's thumbnail, send a private message to me (Rizur) with a link of the picture or as an attachment of private message.

- Max. 4 pictures per user, so you can send one picture for every category (Classic, Artistic, Action, Wallpapers) or you can compete in one category with 4 different pictures.
- Remember to tell us which category you want your picture to compete in.
- Entries that have already been uploaded to the site ARE allowed.
- No resizing or cropping required, that shall be taken care of the SRW Staff.
- Image editing (Photoshop, etc) is only allowed in the Artistic and Wallpapers categories.
The winners will be announced in Showroom Weekly Issue #51 so you have about two weeks to send your pictures. SRW staff will choose the winners.

Everyone would see your work every time they go to the SHIFT Showroom so this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Remember, we don’t judge the looks of the car, it’s the picture itself that matters in this competition. Read the category descriptions to get some idea what we are looking for to each category.
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Re: SHIFT Category Competition

Postby Ant-artistik » 07 Feb 2010, 21:59

Aahh man I'm so stoked to put some of these pics onto the competition :D
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