Criterion Games in charge of entire Need For Speed franchise

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Re: Criterion Games in charge of entire Need For Speed franc

Postby datass » 25 Jun 2012, 22:53

ianism wrote:STUFF?

keep dreaming. but you're right about the last part.
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Re: Criterion Games in charge of entire Need For Speed franc

Postby DateMost2 » 26 Jun 2012, 19:46

Sorry but i got to say this Criterion made way better games than Black Box all you need to compare Hot Pursuit with any other game of Black Box. I'm glad to hear that Criterion is going to be the only franchise since now. Hope they made awesome games as the Most Wanted (2) which seems like very awesome one =D> Go Criterion!
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Re: Criterion Games in charge of entire Need For Speed franc

Postby SonicTH228 » 28 Jun 2012, 16:30

I respectfully disagree.

Not only is Hot Pursuit not the best NFS game (maybe in the top 5), but I honestly think it's also Criterion's worst game to date.

Not a BAD game (Criterion doesn't make bad games), but much like Burnout Revenge (the worst game of an awesome series), it is not reflective of the kind of experience I really want from a Criterion racing game.

The long stretches of open, straight roads with little traffic and too much wilderness put me to sleep. The game gets too dull after awhile, even if the initial experience is pretty hot and heavy. Hot Pursuit 2, for all its goodness, suffers from the same deficiency (over the long term, I found myself gradually losing interest because of how protracted and lifeless the races were). The cops sometimes spice things up but that only applies to the racer side (the cops' side always ended up being less interesting than being a racer due to how quickly non-Hot Pursuit events went; Rapid Response events with their time penalties only caused me to rip out my hair).

Autolog kept the party going but eventually all my friends stopped playing.

This game looks better. It's urban (so there will be lots of tight turns to drift around and there are traffic cars everywhere), the racing looks gritty and intense (much like a good Burnout race), it looks to be somewhat faster, and there are more interesting locales (such as racing through a drainage ditch). It might not make NFS overtake Burnout (sorry, I'm unfortunately pretty skewed towards Burnout) but I'm definitely expecting a more robust experience compared to NFS: Hot Pursuit.

For me, the hard fact is that Black Box undeniably designed the best games of the series, even if they dropped off down the road. Carbon was good but not great, ProStreet was not my cup of tea, Undercover's the worst NFS game. The Run should have been better but I don't hate it.
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Re: Criterion Games in charge of entire Need For Speed franc

Postby okuhle94 » 11 Dec 2012, 10:09

I'm happy that Criterion has taken control of the NFS franchise, Criterion has shown they can create good NFS games (Hot Pursuit 2010 and Most Wanted 2012). Criterion knows what they are doing, unlike Black Box. I hope they will listen to us NFS fans on what we really want in the next NFS game.

They don't have to bake a new NFS game every year, they need to take their time making the next NFS game, iron out all of the issues and some bugs, take into consideration what NFS Fans want, then release the game, even if it means it will take them 4 or more years to make a darn good NFS Game that will please all NFS Fans, and hopefully get back all the NFS Fans they have lost over the years.
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