Your worst wreck in undercover

2008 Need for Speed Undercover

Your worst wreck in undercover

Postby hugh750 » 16 Feb 2009, 12:04

What was your worst wreck in undercover?
Here is two of mine (look at what i did to my lamb)! :oops:
Even wilder lamb crash.JPG
Or my even wilder crash [-X
Flying Lamb.JPG
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Re: Your worst wreck in undercover

Postby Nitrodemon McLaren » 17 Feb 2009, 20:00

Those are some nice pics. Especially the second one, lol. XD

My worst wreck was [don't have a pic] when I was driving at over 170 MPH at went up at this fountain thing causing me to flip like crazy until I landed and pulverized the car. I was doing a driver job too. D=
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Re: Your worst wreck in undercover

Postby RazTaz11 » 12 Sep 2009, 03:04

Don't have a pic, but in a pursuit I crashed into a pillar, flew into a Rhino, busted.
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