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SHIFT Leaderboards Weekly Update

Postby Bojan » 29 Nov 2009, 17:18

Our Need for Speed SHIFT leaderboards have been fully functional for a while with plenty of people posting times, including overall top ten times. To keep you up to date, we'll be posting weekly updates to the leaderboards, including top racer and best time changes.

Lap times
Since it's the first update so far, I'll just list the top times on all tracks. These are the times you have to beat on each track, to be the first on the list!

00:37.619 Alpental
01:16.328 Ambush Canyon
01:35.205 Autopolis GP
00:48.510 Autopolis Lakeside
01:15.932 Brands Hatch GP
00:40.458 Brands Hatch Indy
00:32.739 Dakota Club
00:41.165 Dakota GP
00:36.002 Dakota National
00:29.955 Dakota Tri-Oval
01:19.829 Donington GP
01:00.486 Donington National
00:26.763 Ebisu Circuit South
00:51.250 Ebisu Circuit West
00:32.209 Glendale Club
00:45.804 Glendale East
00:46.463 Glendale West
00:15.510 Hazyview Eight
00:11.489 Hazyview Oval
01:14.647 Laguna Seca
01:09.500 London River
01:16.031 London Royal Mile
00:10.659 Miyatomi
06:02.112 Nordschleife
02:16.870 Nordschleife (Aremberg)
02:09.905 Nordschleife (Karussell)
02:04.043 Nordschleife (Nurburg)
01:51.170 Road America
00:16.905 Rustle Creek
01:32.203 Silverstone GP
01:11.085 Silverstone International
00:48.180 Silverstone National
02:04.938 Spa GP
00:52.174 Tokyo Circuit
00:39.900 Tokyo Club
01:08.633 Willow Springs GP
00:50.654 Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile

Plenty of users have registered this week, but the top spot remains in GT3x24x7's hands with a really high score of 293069 points. The battle for second place is waging on with three users only 3000 points apart: current winner is PerfectoII with 267257 points and following closely is a new users SwiftTheBanker and a few points behind oskmead. 5th place goes to me lagging behind by over 20000 points. Be sure to check the full list and a graph on the main page.

In other news
We had a few problems with PS3 times not syncing after the patch, but we resolved that a few days later and all the missing times appeared skyrocketing some users on the top user list. As a result, we're now syncing overall PS3 times, not monthly like before, meaning you'll need a better time to appear on the leaderboards. Our source for the leaderboards are the official leaderboards - if your time is up there, it'll appear on this site within the hour. We sync times once every full hour!

If you want your times to appear on our leaderboards, all you need is an account on this website and this form filled out with your gamertag. If you're having any problems, just send me a message, either in the site chat, leaderboards comments or via email at webmaster at nfsunlimited dot net.
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