Honda Civic (Just bought the game)

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Honda Civic (Just bought the game)

Postby JN3roJ » 09 Sep 2009, 19:44

I just bought this game two days ago, and I am already having trouble with the Drag races. I currently have the Honda Civic... I know RWD is better for drags, however I just started so don't have enough cash yet to get a better car. Any tips on how I should tune the car? Thanks!
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Re: Honda Civic (Just bought the game)

Postby NFSTom » 26 Sep 2009, 03:19

If you can control an insane mad car, Full tune it. if you cant, lower the height, tweak it a bit, or just lower the performance levels a bit.
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Re: Honda Civic (Just bought the game)

Postby Kaerar » 06 Oct 2009, 13:08

Or you could just sell it and get another S13 240SX as they are pretty good initial Drag cars (not hugely fast but good). My plan of action is normally to convert my S13 to a Drag car and buy an RX-8 for Grip after the first Battle Machine. Then work my way to the top and get the 350Z and sell that. If you have the patched version then you can go south to unlock the hidden round at Willow Springs which if you win will net you an IS350 which is a pretty average to good Grip car (if you don't want to shell out for the RX-8).
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Re: Honda Civic (Just bought the game)

Postby Rattie19 » 13 Jan 2010, 01:53

1. The Honda Civic actually doesn't get better with upgrades. I compared a fully upgraded Civic and the one you get from Battle Machine, and the Battle Machine one is actually better.

2. Switch your Civic and 240SX. The 240SX is a surprisingly good dragster. You can keep it throughout your career to beat the drag king and Ryo. The Civic is a fairly decent grip car until you can get a new one.
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Re: Honda Civic (Just bought the game)

Postby Plekto » 30 Apr 2010, 00:17

The game was horrendously frustrating for me - I recently picked this up in the bargain bin as well - until I got smart and saved enough up for the Corvette C5. (the late 90s tier 2 one)

The setup is basically to set camber, toe-in and caster(the three suspension settings all in a row there) to as far to the left as possible(minimum values). Set the steering to max stiff. Then go to the gearing and set 4th in the middle and then go three clicks to the left for each one below that. It should look like a diagonal line. 6th is all the way to the extreme right and 5th is in the middle between 4th and 6th. Put the final gearing ratio right below the "I" - about 4 or 5 clicks from the extreme left.

Ignore everything else.

*Any* transmission mod will do. *Any* nitrous will do.(set that all full to the far right at max for everything) You just need level 1 in transmission and level 1 suspension so you can physically make the mods. Leave the engine alone - it's meaningless at this point. Ignore tires, supercharger, brakes, and so on. I did get the level 3 supercharger for more fun - but it's not really required. Sounds fantastic though to have gear driven supercharger though ;)

Stock C5
Level 1-3 transmission.
Level 1-3 suspension.
Level 1-3 nitrous.
Level 3 supercharger.(optional but hugely fun)
Tune it a bit.

What you will end up with is a highly unstable RWD rocket capable of 9 second runs without any burnout at all/weak burnout and no nitrous. I ran it for fun and it actually flipped over backwards when I hit the nitro. ;)

You need to put the best level 1 body kit kit on it and the biggest level 1 wing on it *and* a custom CF hood and set every setting to absolute maximum to create max downforce. Then it stays on the ground with nitro. Just.

Hammer it at the start, shift through to 4th, then hit the nitro - hit 5th and 6th in rapid succession and presto - 7.9x or so quarter mile at over 200mph. I did this as soon as I unlocked tier 2 cars and still am using it at the end of the game.

Freebie #2 -
Grip - Get the Lotus Elise. Leave it in perfectly stock condition. The one that you get from the lot actually works better than the ones you can create until you unlock level 4 mods. Other than lacking nitrous. It's cheap and a perfect grip car. I love that I can drift through corners with it even though it's not a drift car ;)

Freebie #3 -
Drift. The best cheap drift car that I found was to buy a Cayman S and set the suspension to be as unstable and wrong as possible so that the rear end kicks out almost by looking at it.(just look at the popup help and do the opposite - like set the springs soft and the rebound rate max hard and so on) You can also use an Elise for this, though it's harder to control. What you want is mid or rear engine, RWD, and short wheelbase.

Freebie #4 -
Road - For road, you want essentially a rally racing setup. Grab an EVO or WRX and go for it. AWD is a must and good suspension is as well. I tried it with a long wheelbase RWD car and it was horrible. In fact, none of the "classic" cars that they put in the game(60s GTO and so on) are worth the bolts that their wheels are put on with. - Ignore all of them.
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Re: Honda Civic (Just bought the game)

Postby Hondatuner208 » 17 Jul 2011, 06:15

Rattie19 wrote:1. The Honda Civic actually doesn't get better with upgrades. I compared a fully upgraded Civic and the one you get from Battle Machine, and the Battle Machine one is actually better.

I actually made a Honda Civic on my name that ran 10.10 without nitrous...thats at least a couple seconds faster then Joe Tacketts. Its usually in the tune. When i first played i noticed that too cause i only hit 13.16. Then i tuned it and it went to 12.3s, then i hit 11.86. But the game changer is when you drag manual-clutch. It dropped me down to 10.10.

As for the question if you need help on how to tune let me know i only know tunes without nitrous
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