NFS: Most Wanted unofficial World Cup

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NFS: Most Wanted unofficial World Cup

Postby Sir Tristan » 16 Jul 2009, 18:21

My site organises the MW Polish Championship and couple of other events including clan racing (with clans all over Europe) etc.

We have an ambitious aim to make it worldwide with a section of the site in english.

If you want to refresh your NFSMW skills, follow this link and submit a new thread there with your nickname and put in your:

Your EA server nickname, Age, Clan (if any), Country, ICQ, Xfire, I Accept the Rules, your time on Diamond & Union sprint track, your NFS World Loop time.

Rules by Gural and Ringus, translated

1. Anyone can enter the tournament

2. Races are on official EA servers

3. No cheats, trainers (Junkman parts allowed)

4. Collision detection OFF, NOS OFF, Performance Matching OFF

5. Tournament starts 26th October and ends 3 December

6. The tournament will have 2 phases:
a) group phase
b) Cup ladder

Group phase will start at 26th October and end 14th November
Cup ladder:
1/8 finals 16th November - 21st Nov
Quarter finals 23rd Nov - 28th Nov
1/2 finals 30th Nov - 1st Dec
Finals - 3rd of December
(Dates may vary due to attendance)

7. Each player is allocated in a random group. (there will be a video of picking the groups at random on YouTube)

8. Two best players from each group get to Cup ladder.

9. In group phase, everyone in groups races each other on 3 tracks. Track order will be randomized in each group.

10. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss

11. In case of equal amount of points there would be a tie breaker race on World Loop.

12. Cars allowed: Chevrolet Camaro, Mitsubishi Lancer "Earl Edition", Chevrolet Corvette Z06 i BMW M3 GTR. They are bonus cars, in Cup ladder BMW will be banned. On each track in group phase there will be a specific car to race with.

13. Taking part in the Cup means having all the free time to do all the matches (requests of changing the dates of matches will be considered individually)

All I did was translate the text, so asking me questions means that I have to ask the organisers Ringus and Gural - therefore please excuse time taken to answer
Sir Tristan
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Re: NFS: Most Wanted unofficial World Cup

Postby Gural » 26 Aug 2009, 10:06

EA Poland knows that (sorry for my English, I'm from Poland ;))

Our forum
Forum of Cup
Topic with Rules
Join to Cup!

2 changes:
4. Collision detection OFF, NOS ON, Performance Matching OFF.
12. Cars allowed: everyone, without BMW.
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Re: NFS: Most Wanted unofficial World Cup

Postby nfsdon » 30 May 2012, 16:22

how I can entet to this cup? i just want to play online have the experiense...
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