The incoming IGC cars!

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The incoming IGC cars!

Postby DJBIDOUILE » 27 Nov 2014, 23:44


Our never before IGC car this week is the BMW 3.0 CSL Gr.5. It was pretty much unbeatable in the European Touring Car Championship series in the 70's and it's a fierce competitor in Class B races in Need for Speed World today. The other in-game cash cars coming to the dealer in this rotation aren't too shabby either. For Class A we have the fastest M3 in the game and for Class B we have the executive class Porsche. ...and as the sugar at the bottom, the one and only Corolla AE86. A car that a lot of our players have requested to return to the IGC Car dealer.

Here are our incoming cars:

- BMW M3 GTS - $1,800,000
- Porsche Panamera Turbo - $1,400,000
- BMW 3.0 CSL Gr. 5 - $900,000
- Toyota Corolla GT-S [AE86] - $300,000
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