CONFIRMED, you get banned for sure if you do the following

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CONFIRMED, you get banned for sure if you do the following

Postby DJBIDOUILE » 29 Dec 2014, 18:55

1. Multishifting in drags is BANNABLE since 11/02/2014 (confirmed by EA_rhiordd) -

2. Using wrong-class cars in Private class-restricted events is BANNABLE since 12/03/2014 (confirmed by EA_rhiordd) -

4. Porsche Cayman bug exploit (as well as any possible futute exploit like this) may get you BANNED from the game and the forum despite VITALBULLET's past confirmation that the Porsche Cayman bug exploit banhammer was off (source: Etetnalwraith, 25.10.2014) -

6. Driving the wrong way around a circuit WILL GET YOU BANNED if the fact is documented in a video or screenshot and the officials become aware of it (confirmed by Eternalwraith, 19/12/14) -

8. Using promo code from one email address (driver) on another email (driver) brings BANHAMMER (source: Eternalwraith, 31.03.2014) -

5. Using car performance bug allowing a player to enter a lower-class-restricted track in SP or MP mode (retaining the performance of higher class!!!) may get you banned since 12/03/2014 (confirmed by EA_rhiordd) -
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